The radiology@eXpectdelaYs UK/UCD Neuroradiology Teaching File

(formerly known as the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Neuroradiology Teaching file)

Welcome! This teaching file has a long history on the Web. It was first developed by Dr. Edward Escott and Dr. David Rubinstein at the University of Colorado in the late 1990's. Thanks to the contributions of attendings, residents and medical students, it grew to be one of the larger neuroradiology teaching files on the Web at the end of the last century. After a brief respite from Summer 2000 - Spring 2002, it again grew until 2004. Then one thing led to another and people went different ways and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center changed names to University of Colorado Denver, and the URL was changed over again. Long-standing links were broken, and although the quality of the cases endured these changes, the site was no longer maintained. So now we have moved it to a new home, where the teaching file will again live and grow. This is a joint venture between the divisions of neuroradiology from the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Kentucky. We hope you find it useful.

  1. This is an ever growing collection of interesting and unusual cases as well as good examples of the more mundane, for those early in their careers.
  2. We will make every effort to add new cases frequently, so please check back often.
  3. If you feel that you would like to submit a case, you may e-mail it to me as an rtf/doc format file with the images in jpg format as separate attachments. Please follow a similar format to our cases and please include references.
  4. E-mail cases, comments or suggestions to:

The fine print:

  • By using this teaching file, you accept that all cases are presented on an as-is basis and although we make every effort to verify the contents to be true based on current literature, we can not guarantee that all material presented is 100% accurate. We welcome any comments or suggestions on any cases.
  • By using this teaching file, you also accept that these cases are presented for your review and education via the WEB and may not be reproduced and/or redistributed in any manner without out written consent.
  • >You also accept that the information contained within can not be viewed as medical advice. Always consult your physician for your personal health care needs.

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    Updated 6/1/2011